20 September 2009

Melissa Bliss, HINTERLAND, 2009

A scratch and sniff film commission, Lincolnshire

Beacon Art Project in partnership with East Lindsey District Council, As part of The Intercult North SEAS Festival, commissioned artist Melissa Bliss to respond to her residency in Mablethorpe. She created a film made with four residents of Mablethorpe which was screened hourly at Leicester Children’s Holiday Centre in Mablethorpe. 

By Culture24 Staff | 16 September 2009, http://www.culture24.org.uk
Melissa Bliss causes a stink with Beacon Art Project film of Lincolnshire coast. According to Melissa Bliss’s Twitter page, her biggest concern about sending her film to local licensing authorities in Lincolnshire ahead of this premiere in Mablethorpe was the risk of them finding it ‘offensive or depraved’. Apparently it features a man who rescues injured and orphaned seals, a woman who devotes her life to children who have never glimpsed the sea, an amateur radio buff who overcame the isolation of the area to broadcast his own show and a chap who’s built an art gallery on stilts in a garden.

Commissioned by local visual art group the Beacon Art Project, the film uses individual memories associated with smells to mirror the lonely beaches and marshes of the nearby landscape. In the event, Royal Mail lost the film on the way to the local film licensing officers, leaving them unimpressed before they'd even set eyes on the piece. ‘Not everybody will have the same reaction to a particular aroma,’ she adds. ‘I want to intensify the viewer's involvement in the film by bringing another sense into play.’