25 November 2018


Tuesday 18 December 2018 7 - 10pm

Reading Room and Chapel
High Street, Wellingore, LN5 0HW

On 18th December, Lulu Alyahya will be hosting the third event as part of the Broadcaster's 'A Year of Nostalgia' curated by Sally Plowman. The night will coincide with the winter-long exhibition of Lulu's works in the Broadcaster noticeboards. The evening will consist of a meal, and multimedia works and experiences by Lulu and friends. 
The event is free, but please book via Eventbrite:
or choose 'going' on Facebook:

If you want to travel from outside of Lincolnshire, please remember to book train tickets early! See the pinned post on the Facebook event for more travel information. Also, there is space for people to stay overnight, limited spaces and sleeping bags will be required. If you want to and for more information, please contact Lulu Alyahya or Sally Plowman via  A Year of Nostalgia website: https://ayearofnostalgia.wordpress.com