4 May 2014



Beacon is pleased to announce the launch of B.professional a 12 month integrated programme of development opportunities for artists, audiences and arts professionals. Join us over the next 12 months as its four strands B.resident, B.mentored, B.talking and B.audience come together to create meaningful spaces of connectivity for artists and their audience.

Over the course of the next year Beacon will host B.resident a series of three artist residencies in which each artist will be provided with a fee, studio, living accommodation and mentoring support. B.resident is open to application from UK based artists at all stages of their career. Each two-week residency will culminate with an exhibition and a presentation by the artist as part of the B.talking programme.

Application deadline is 23 June 2014 details: http://beaconartproject.org/opportunities/

Running concurrently with B.resident will be B.mentored, which focuses on the development of critical thinking around an individual artists practice. B.mentored is open to application from artists living or working in the East Midlands region. Offering a series of mentoring sessions tailored to meet the needs of each individual together with an opportunity to present their practice at a B.talking event.

Application deadline is 30 June 2014 details: http://beaconartproject.org/opportunities/

Each of the participating B.resident and B.mentored artists will present their work in B.talking a free programme of events, starting later this year, to which you are invited to B.audience. Each B.talking event is held in a social and convivial setting providing a user-friendly forum for the sharing of opinions, understanding, information and support about contemporary art practice. Attendees living within a 25-mile radius will offered free return travel by minibus.