13 July 2015



We’ve now come to the end of a very busy and successful few months for Beacon that has culminated, as part of the EM15 partnership, in the presentation of ‘Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf’ as a collateral event at this years Venice Biennale, images can be seen here:http://beaconartproject.org/projects/

April also saw the final event of our popular and B.professional programme, the following feedback is testament to its success.

'I felt that there was a particular edge to the audience on the evening that created an interesting tension in the performances and presentations by all the artists involved.' Audience member.

‘It has been a wonderful opportunity for me in so many ways.  Not only as a unique space and time to develop my practice, but also to reflect on it, to talk, and to ask questions. I feel privileged to have met so many wonderful people through the residency.’ B.resident artist.

‘To have someone devote a considerable amount of time to your practice facilitates their deep understanding of the work, which uniquely allows the level of critical engagement to be very precise. This supportive process allows time for a much more considered, and targeted development.’ B.mentored artist.

Following a period of R+D we are now working toward delivering a two-year programme of work and to ensure the sustainability of Beacon in the longer term.

In common with all other UK visual art organisations Beacon has to cast the net wide to secure funding from as many sources as possible. As well applying for pulic funding we are launching our B.generous scheme and are asking for donations, however big or small, to support our programme of work. Your generosity will help Beacon continue to curate, create and connect spaces for art, artists and audiences.

Beacon is committed to working with artists and audiences of all ages and backgrounds to 
create significant cultural encounters and experiences. Since 2004 we have commissioned 
and worked with over 70 artists to deliver an exciting and innovative programme of work that has included commissioned art works
 exhibited in heritage sites, performances, talks, events, residencies and mentoring.

As a charity donations from individuals who are UK tax-payers qualify for Gift Aid will allow Beacon to claim an extra 25p on every pound donated.

Please B.generous to make a secure donation please click here:


Many thanks and have a great summer, we’ll be back in touch in the autumn within an update.