29 March 2015

B. in Venice

EM15 invites you to tee off at the Venice Biennale this year with ‘Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf’, a fully playable mini-golf course for which nine artists have each been commissioned to design a hole.
EM15 is a new partnership between artist-led organisations and institutions from the East Midlands, UK.
EM15 is: Beacon Art Project, New Art Exchange, One Thoresby Street and QUAD; supported by Nottingham Trent University and in association with The University of Nottingham.

Alongside Leisure Land Golf, EM15 has commissioned ‘Sunscreen’ an online project by artist Candice Jacobs that includes the work of 40 artists invited by Jacobs and the EM15 partnership.  Artists have been invited to create new digital works in response to ‘The Leisure Principle’, each of which is distributed as a free downloadable screensaver.  Sunscreen uses the screen and the online space as a form of conversation between the individual (consumers), the collective (producers) and the state (economy), and considers our relationship with consumption, experience, distribution and exchange via an ongoing collection of 40 digital artworks as screensavers, created by artists with a connection to the East Midlands. Each artists screensaver will be created as a response to the wider curatorial theme of EM15 at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015, The Leisure Principle.

More information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EM15UK
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EM15Venice