14 January 2018


Beacon Bureau has just commenced a residency with BoxoPROJECTS in Joshua Tree California. https://boxoprojects.com

Bernard Leibov, curator/artist, and John Plowman are collaborating on a project that explores the dynamic of the collaborative process. Their aim is to establish a framework for the collaboration where the focus will be on studio production that explores a sense of place. They will engage in a process to interrogate and better understand their respective positions of artist and curator. Key to the collaboration will be their experiences, of making, curating, presenting contemporary art and engaging with audiences in non-gallery spaces outside of an urban context. There will be a public facing event at the end of the project on 3 February 2018.


John Plowman  has just started working with artists Mark Dunhill and Tamiko O’Brien, who as Dunhill-O’Brien, have been working collaboratively since 1998. Over the next 12 months he will be supporting them on the development of new projects, more details will be shared over the coming months. Their website is currently being updated and will be back online at the end of January: http://www.dunhillandobrien.co.uk

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