20 October 2010

Scion: Finding Your Way Day, 2010

A one day artists’ conference, organised by Somerset Artworks as part of Scion

This offered a valuable opportunity for artists and those working within the visual arts to widen networks, share feedback and get advice on practice and projects. An enjoyable and inspiring day was had by everyone who participated.

The wonderful setting of National Trust property, Barrington Court enabled participants to see the accumulation of contemporary artworks as part of the ongoing Scion programme. This was included in a day of debate and experience sharing around contemporary visual art. A curator’s tour of the artworks took place as well as presentations from Scion’s curator, John Plowman; exhibiting artist, Louise K.Wilson; and curator-artist duo, Amelia Beavis-Harrison and Alan Armstrong.

Artists also participated in a special Pecha Kucha! - a simple Power Point presentation format where each artist showed 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images were forwarded automatically and the artist talked along to the images. In this way each artist was able to present their work for 6 minutes 40 seconds. This was a successful initiative, enabling artists to share an overview of their practice and to be introduced or refamiliarised with the works of their contemporaries. http://www.somersetartworks.org.uk