7 October 2011

Beacon Bimonthlies 7

Sophie Cullinan <i>Blues 2</i>  Edinburgh, 2011

Sophie Cullinan Blues 2 Edinburgh, 2011

An evening of artists’ presentations and interventions with Sophie Cullinan, Steven Ingman and Sally Sheinman.

Reading Room & Chapel
High Street
Lincoln LN5 0HW

Nottingham based artist, Steven Ingman began the evening with a presentation that covered the development of his work and practice since graduation from The University of Lincoln in 2007. This was followed by Northampton based artist, Sophie Cullinan who talked about her practice and included the opportunity for the audience to interact with her recent piece, Blues 2. She followed her presentation with an audience participation activity. Next was guest Sally Sheinman, a Northampton based artist in conversation with Beacon's co director, Nicola Streeten, whilst showing images of her work. She ended the evening with an invitation to the audience to contribute to her current project.
To read more about the evening visit the designated Beacon Bimonthlies blog . With thanks to James Phaily for this Bimonthlies' blog post.

About the Beacon Bimonthlies
Launched in July 2010, the Beacon Bimonthlies is a programme of eight evening art events which feature presentations from invited visual artists, taking the form of performances, powerpoints, film screenings and talks. If you've missed the previous Bimonthlies they have been documented on the Beacon Bimonthlies Blog