8 May 2012

Bi-Monthly 10

S. Mark Gubb <i>The Bewildered Herd: Text Works and Other Things</i> 2004-2010

S. Mark Gubb The Bewildered Herd: Text Works and Other Things 2004-2010

An evening of artists’ presentations from S. Mark Gubb and Jonathan Roberts and a Beacon Conversation: Collaborative working with Kate Genever.

About the Beacon Bimonthlies

Launched in July 2010, the Beacon Bimonthlies was initially a programme of eight evening art events featuring presentations from invited visual artists, taking the form of performances, powerpoints, film screenings and talks. As part of Beacon's 2012 Annual Programme the Bi-Monthlies will continue, with the introduction of a call for submissions to regional artists to present work. If you've missed the previous Bimonthlies they have been documented on the Beacon Bimonthlies Blog