22 July 2011

Beacon Bimonthlies 6

photo: Sally Plowman

photo: Sally Plowman

An entertaining evening of artists’ presentations and performance with Alison Lloyd, Bruce Asbestos, Sally Lemsford and Sally Newham

Reading Room & Chapel
High Street
Lincoln LN5 0HW
Alison Lloyd, Contemporary Art of Walking, led an hour long walk from the Chapel, through surrounding countryside. This was followed by VARIATIONS : Public Talk 2011, by Bruce Asbestos, Nottingham based artist and curator. This was an audience based presentation. Next, Derbyshire based artists and curators, 2SALLY4TH Sally Lemsford and Sally Newham, introduced their mobile museum project and invited audience members to add to the collection.
To read more about the evening visit the designated Beacon Bimonthlies blog. With thanks to Sally Plowman for this Bimonthlies' blog post.

About the Beacon Bimonthlies
Launched in July 2010, the Beacon Bimonthlies is a programme of eight evening art events which feature presentations from invited visual artists, taking the form of performances, powerpoints, film screenings and talks. If you've missed the previous Bimonthlies they have been documented on the Beacon Bimonthlies Blog