18 March 2011

Beacon Bimonthlies 4

An evening of artists’ presentations and interventions with Simon Withers, Michael Sanders, Edward Crumpton

Reading Room & Chapel
High Street
Lincoln LN5 0HW
The first presentation was from Lincolnshire based artist and winner of OPEM, 20011, Michael Sanders. He spoke about his art practice and the influence of his interest in the military. Next, Nottingham based artist, Simon Withers, performed Speaking in Tongues. The final presentation was from Devonshire based artist, Edward Crumpton, who talked about the incorporation of walking into his practice and how he has sustained this since graduation from The University of Lincoln in 2008.

If you've missed the previous Bimonthlies they have been documented on the Beacon Bimonthlies Blog

About the Bimonthlies
Launched in July 2010, the Beacon Bimonthlies is a programme of eight evening art events which feature presentations from invited visual artists, taking the form of performances, powerpoints, film screenings and talks.