7 July 2012

Bi-Monthly 11

Sarah Staton,  <i>The Rain is Heaviest over the Hills</i>  2011

Sarah Staton, The Rain is Heaviest over the Hills 2011

An evening of artists’ presentations and interventions
Friday 6 July 2012, 7-10pm
Reading Room & Chapel, High Street, Wellingore, Lincoln LN5 0HW

Sarah Staton Artist
Traci Kelly Nottinghamshire based artist, selected by The Summer Lodge (A Fine Art research event at Nottingham Trent University)
Reactor Art group

The evening began with a presentation from the Reactor, the contemporary art group. Represented by founding members Niki Russell and Dan Williamson and accompanied by "guest member" Stuart, the three gave a joint presentation. They focused their talk around a recent project, The Green Man & Regular Fellows, 2011, and showed a film of the project in action. Although originating in Nottingham, this was the first project they had done in Nottingham for six years.

The second presentation was from artist Sarah Staton and followed the course of her practice during the past eight years, since she relocated her home and practice to Sheffield.

The final presentation of the evening was from Traci Kelly. Traci had been selected by the Summer Lodge. The Summer Lodge is an annual fine art research event that takes place for two weeks at Nottingham Trent University. Initiated and directed by artist Danica Maier, the aim is for fine art staff to concentrate on their artistic practice, alongside invited artists and students in assistant roles. This year there are 27 artists and 14 student interns participating.

Traci Kelly is a Nottingham based artist whose work is primarily performance based. She talked about the collaborative process of much of her practice and emphasised the ways in which she enables the sustainability of her artistic career.

About the Beacon Bimonthlies
Launched in July 2010, the Beacon Bimonthlies was initially a programme of eight evening art events featuring presentations from invited visual artists, taking the form of performances, powerpoints, film screenings and talks. As part of Beacon's 2012 Annual Programme the Bi-Monthlies will continue, with the introduction of a call for submissions to regional artists to present work. If you've missed the previous Bimonthlies they have been documented on the Beacon Bimonthlies Blog