29 October 2012

Beacon Bi-Monthly 13
Friday 2 November 2012

Yelena Popova, RCA Installation, 2011 Photo: Yelena Popova

Yelena Popova, RCA Installation, 2011 Photo: Yelena Popova

Friday 2 November 2012
Reading Room & Chapel, High Street, Wellingore, Lincoln LN5 0HW

An evening of artists’ presentations and interventions
Guests selected in association with Primary, Nottingham's newest artists' space

Rebecca Beinart, Nottingham based artist and educator
Matthew Chesney, Nottingham based artist and director of Backlit gallery and studios
Yelena Popova, Nottingham based artist

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5 July 2015

Venice Biennale 2015

Beacon is one of the partner organisations of EM15 a collaboration between artist-led organisations and institutions from the East Midlands region of the UK. Our other partners are: One Thoresby Street, Nottingham; New Art Exchange, Nottingham; QUAD, Derby; Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham.


For the 2015 Venice Biennale EM15 has commissioned two projects for its premiere presentation at the Venice Biennale: Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf a fully playable mini golf course and Sunscreen an online project featuring new digital commissions in the form of screensavers from 40 artists with a connection to the East Midlands region. Free to download from www.sun-screen.uk

Both projects responded to EM15’s curatorial approach to the 56th Venice Biennale - The Leisure Principle. The Leisure Principle considers the concept of tourism and trade as a metaphor to explore current global economic complexities through one of the defining principles of leisure, that of consumption and how this consumption shapes our identity.

View from the bridge (photo credit: Thierry Bal)

View from the bridge (photo credit: Thierry Bal)

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22 January 2015

B.resident 17-30 November 2014


The value of fragments

Build me to your edges 2014

Build me to your edges 2014

Lorrice Douglas reflects on her experience.

There are numerous ways in which I could reflect on this residency. With respect to time, yours and mine - I shall aim to introduce some (but not all) of the elements that were resonant for me.

Several of my projects have taken place in rural landscapes or transitional spaces. I particularly enjoy residencies and in each one there is a period of seeking. A desire to understand the geography; where I am.

My residency in Wellingore took place in a former Methodist Chapel Reading Room, a building designed for more than one purpose. It was a space for both looking in and looking out. I am intrigued by that dynamic.

Throughout my stay I was thinking about the notion of ‘pastoral’. Both in it’s associations with the rural landscape and in an awareness of others.

In addition to making new work, I considered the studio as a space for contemplation. One of the first things I noticed upon returning to this part of Lincolnshire was the afternoon light, which seemed golden as I drove over the wolds. In the days to follow the rapidly changing daylight became a characteristic of my temporary home, drawing its own images throughout the interior of the building. In my first week before I had met many people, I would photograph the light as it moved across the walls.

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2 November 2014

B.resident 10 - 24 September 2014


Alexandra Parry reflects on her experience.

I arrived in Wellingore at the beginning of September. My starting point for the residency was to explore how objects and situating objects in public space can provoke conversations with people and how this can be used as a research tool. So much information can be gleaned from the internet, but I am interested in acquiring knowledge through conversations and chance encounters with people in public spaces and using an object as the starting point for these conversations.

On my first day of the residency I walked around the village, getting an overall sense of the place I would be in for two weeks. I wandered around, following my instinct, the obvious paths in the village as well as suggestions that John, the curator at Beacon had given me. During this walk I was thinking about how I could find some materials to start making. In London, I’m used to there being an availability of free materials in public spaces - things households or industry have thrown out. On first glance in the streets of Wellingore there was one skip with a couple of pallets and some building rubble. So I approached a man who was doing some gardening outside his house and asked if he had any spare wood. He gave me a nice bit of hard wood and some plywood.

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10 August 2014


B.professional is an integrated programme of development opportunities for artists, audiences and arts professionals. Its four strands B.resident, B.mentored, B.talking and B.audience come together to create meaningful spaces of connectivity for artists and their audience.

B.resident is a series of three artist residencies in which each artist will be provided with a fee, studio, living accommodation and mentoring support. Each two-week residency will culminate with an exhibition and a presentation by the artist as part of the B.talking programme. Alexandra Parry, Lorrice Douglas and Cedar Lewisohn were selected to B.resident following a national call for submissions.
The aims of B.resident are to:

  • Offer the selected artists the time and space to focus on the development of their work.
  • Challenge the selected artists to develop their understanding of how a contemporary art practice may reside in a rural context.
  • Develop longer-term relationships with the artists Beacon works with.

B.mentored, running concurrently with B.resident, focuses on the development of critical thinking around an individual artists practice. Open to application from artists living or working in the East Midlands region the following artists were selected GÂST, Marc Renshaw, Ellie Collins, Scott Mason, Alice White and Claire Morris-Wright. Each artist will receive mentoring sessions tailored to meet their individual needs and will present their practice at a B.talking event.

B.talking a free programme of events to which you are invited to B.audience. Each B.talking event is held in a social and convivial setting providing a user-friendly forum for the sharing of opinions, understanding, information and support about contemporary art practice. Attendees living within a 15-mile radius will offered free return travel by minibus.

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19 January 2013

The Times Magazine
19 January 2013

The Times Magazine, 19.01.13
Welcome to our designer chapel
Report Vinny Lee Photographs James Balston
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23 November 2012

Thank you

Beacon would like to thank all of the audience who attended COMPASS, as well as the artists, volunteers, staff, freelancers and site partners who worked on the exhibition with us and thanks to everyone who has sent us kind responses to the excursion and the experience. We greatly appreciate the feedback.

Thank you too, to everyone who has participated in Beacon's other activity during the year.

Beacon has now finished the 2012 activity and we are starting to make plans for next year.
To keep updated with information of forthcoming Beacon activity be sure to subscribe to our mailing list via our contact page to receive email newsletters, or follow us on Facebook or twitter.

with best wishes for a good Christmas and New Year,

Nicola and John

23 November 2012

6-28 October 2012

6-28 October 2012
Woolsthorpe Manor, Grimsthorpe Castle and Ayscoughfee Hall, Lincolnshire

Jordan Baseman, Amanda Coogan, Jem Finer, Bethan Huws
Performance programme: Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Joana Cifre-Cerda, Robert Foster, Laura Mahony, Julieann O'Malley, Hestia Peppe and Sally Anne Roberts

Read about COMPASS

Museums Journal
Culture 24
This is Lincolnshire
The Lincolnite 
Andrew Bracey

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22 November 2012

Beacon at Mostyn's 'Giant Step'

John and I were delighted to have participated in Giant Step 2 hosted at Mostyn in Wales in October. Robert Stephen was the guest blogger to record the event and here is his write up.

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3 September 2012

Beacon Bi-Monthly 12
Friday 7 September 2012

Mel Brimfield, <i>Between Genius and Desire </i> (installation view) 2012

Mel Brimfield, Between Genius and Desire (installation view) 2012

An evening of artists’ presentations and interventions
Friday 7 Sept 2012
Reading Room & Chapel, High Street, Wellingore, Lincoln LN5 0HW

Mel Brimfield
Scott Mason
Helen Stratford

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