10 February 2019

Thursday 14 March 2019

Thursday 14 March 2019

7 - 10pm
Reading Room and Chapel
High Street, Wellingore, LN5 0HW

On 14 March for the fourth and final event of the Broadcaster's Year of Nostalgia, Sally Plowman will be hosting an evening at the Wellingore Chapel. The event will coincide with a season-long exhibition of her work in the Broadcaster noticeboards outside the chapels in Waddington and Wellingore.
Expect a communal meal and an evening of multimedia performance.
If you are travelling from outside Lincolnshire, please remember to book train tickets early!
for more information please check the event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2897040510436653/
Also, there is space for people to stay overnight, send us a message if you want to.
The event is free, but please book via eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/night-at-the-chapel-4-tickets-55920587984
For more information, contact Sally Plowman via the website:

25 November 2018

18 December 2018

Tuesday 18 December 2018 7 - 10pm

Reading Room and Chapel
High Street, Wellingore, LN5 0HW

On 18th December, Lulu Alyahya will be hosting the third event as part of the Broadcaster's 'A Year of Nostalgia' curated by Sally Plowman. The night will coincide with the winter-long exhibition of Lulu's works in the Broadcaster noticeboards. The evening will consist of a meal, and multimedia works and experiences by Lulu and friends. 
The event is free, but please book via Eventbrite:
or choose 'going' on Facebook:

If you want to travel from outside of Lincolnshire, please remember to book train tickets early! See the pinned post on the Facebook event for more travel information. Also, there is space for people to stay overnight, limited spaces and sleeping bags will be required. If you want to and for more information, please contact Lulu Alyahya or Sally Plowman via  A Year of Nostalgia website: https://ayearofnostalgia.wordpress.com

30 September 2018


Thursday 11 October 2018 
7 - 11pm

Reading Room and Chapel
High Street, Wellingore, LN5 0HW

For the second event as part of the Broadcaster's Year of Nostalgia curated by Sally Plowman, we will host a night of short films selected by Anna Metzger, coinciding with an exhibition of her work in the Broadcaster noticeboards in Wellingore and Waddington.
Join us for an evening of live music, food, and a screening of film works by artists based in Glasgow and London. The event is FREE, booking is essential here:

Or here: https://www.facebook.com/events/274750559837130/?active_tab=about

1 July 2018


Thursday 12th July 8 - 11pm
Reading Room and Chapel,
High Street, Wellingore, LN5 0HW

Join us on Thursday 12th July to experience the first event that is part of the Broadcaster’s A Year of Nostalgia curated by Sally Plowman. Coinciding with Nia Fekri’s exhibition in the Broadcaster noticeboards, herself and Bea Macdonald will host an evening at the Wellingore Chapel. An evening spent with liminal traces of places, persons and fantasy in memory through writing and storytelling. The evening will consist of a walk with sound/song, a video installation, a performative reading by the artists and a meal.

This event is free, but booking is essential on eventbrite:


14 January 2018


Beacon Bureau has just commenced a residency with BoxoPROJECTS in Joshua Tree California. https://boxoprojects.com

Bernard Leibov, curator/artist, and John Plowman are collaborating on a project that explores the dynamic of the collaborative process. Their aim is to establish a framework for the collaboration where the focus will be on studio production that explores a sense of place. They will engage in a process to interrogate and better understand their respective positions of artist and curator. Key to the collaboration will be their experiences, of making, curating, presenting contemporary art and engaging with audiences in non-gallery spaces outside of an urban context. There will be a public facing event at the end of the project on 3 February 2018.


John Plowman  has just started working with artists Mark Dunhill and Tamiko O’Brien, who as Dunhill-O’Brien, have been working collaboratively since 1998. Over the next 12 months he will be supporting them on the development of new projects, more details will be shared over the coming months. Their website is currently being updated and will be back online at the end of January: http://www.dunhillandobrien.co.uk

If you are interested in Beacon Bureau’s Supportive opportunity click here:


BEACON BUREAU Proactive - Speculative - Supportive


10 September 2017


Are you looking for sustained support to achieve your artistic ambitions?
ADVICEestablish a critical dialogue with each artist or artist led group.
ASSISTANCEavailable for face to face, skype, phone and e-mail contact.
ADVOCACY- prioritising the interests of the artist or artist led group.

Beacon Bureau can offer significant bespoke advice, assistance and advocacy to selected artists and artist led groups. This service is offered to artists on a twelve monthly retainer basis payable monthly or annually at a discounted rate.
Beacon Bureau is interested in working with artists and groups who have a coherent and definable art practice and who would benefit from the extensive experience of John Plowman https://beaconbureau.co.uk/supportive/john-plowman/
To express an interest/more information please contact John Plowman: 


25 June 2017


Funded by Arts Council Grants for the Arts CONCRETE+CLAY was Beacon Bureau’s first project and proved to be a great success. For those of you who were unable come to the exhibition images can be found here:

This funding has also allowed John Plowman to work with Mark Segal of The Artist Agency https://www.theartistsagency.co.uk to develop and establish a workable framework for Beacon Bureau in which his skills, knowledge and experience can be utilised by being:

  • PROACTIVE  - To actively seek out and provide opportunities for John Plowman to collaborate with others whose interests are congruent with his own.
  • SPECULATIVE – To engage in speculative creative activity to ensure pertinent projects are under development.
  • SUPPORTIVE - To offer advice and support to artists and small arts organisations develop and achieve their artistic ambitions.

All this has now been to brought together here: https://beaconbureau.co.uk/

2 April 2017


CONCRETE+CLAY is a curatorial collaboration between Roaming Room and Beacon Bureau. Their respective locations Roaming Room (urban) and Beacon Bureau (rural) find commonality in the fact that, as raw materials, CONCRETE+CLAY are both extracted from the ground upon which we walk, live and build. This affinity makes these two materials suitable but unlikely bedfellows. Their plasticity comes to mind; their stability reliant on fire and water; fire rendering clay into a more permanent state whilst water (the antidote to fire) binds together the constituents of concrete giving it its strength. CONCRETE+CLAY, extracted from the ground and destined to return if not now but some time in the indeterminable future. Waiting to be unearthed by archaeologists and geologists who will pass judgment on our current geological epoch, the Anthroposcene.

CONCRETE+CLAY is an exhibition of sculpture, installation, drawing and film creating tangential connections between concrete and clay, geography and archaeology, past and present, real and imagined. Taking you on a journey from extant WW2 pillboxes in rural locations through the experience of walking in the urban landscape to the demolition of high-rise tower blocks.

10 March 2017

Beacon Bureau

Beacon Bureau a framework for visual art projects led by John Plowman, either as independent ventures or as collaborations with others. https://beaconbureau.co.uk/

Beacon Bureau has been awarded Arts Council Grants for the Arts funding to further its development and to produce its first project, ‘Concrete+Clay’, 6-29 April, a collaboration with Roaming Room, London. If you would like to receive information about this and other projects please subscribe here:


19 February 2017

Making Beacon Bureau


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